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What can Work Matters do for you?

Human Resources 
Work Matters works with you to improve your HR systems and procedures in line you’re your organisational culture. We can create bespoke employee benefits packages, handbooks, induction programmes and risk assessments for health & safety audits. We can also serve as an outsourced Human Resources Department, helping reduce significant overhead costs.

We provide comprehensive advise and support; from placing an advert through to delivering the most suitable candidate. We can also carry out psychometric profiling of candidates and employees.

Work Matters also advise on the correct handling of grievance and disciplinary procedures. We offer support with all maternity, paternity, adoption and parental procedures, additionally with running appraisal schemes to avoid discrimination.

Did you know?

Employment law has changed significantly over recent years. All employees are entitled to a contract of employment from day one or at least within 8 weeks of employment. All employees are also entitled to an itemised pay statement.

Offering an induction programme together with continuous development programmes is known to increase an employee’s length of service, loyalty and motivation by at least 25%. Additionally having an Appraisal Scheme helps employees develop and feel more confident in their roles.

Reviewing sickness and absence, and then ensuring that procedures for this are adhered to, means that employees are less likely to ‘take a sicky’ and are much more motivated to work by the fact that you are interested in them. This will also help identify any potential long term problems.

Failure to have up to date contracts in place is illegal, additionally you should also have an up to date copy of an employee’s passport to prove they are legally allowed to work in the UK.

Did you know?

Failing to pay the minimum wage (excluding tips or salary sacrifice schemes) can lead to heavy fines from HMRC.

Failure to follow Grievance and Disciplinary procedures can lead to instant fines from Tribunal Courts.

Failing to treat pregnant women fairly whilst they are employed, therefore discriminating against them, can lead to high Tribunal costs as well as further recruitment and training costs.

If you fail to implement a proper and fair redundancy programme you can be awarded extra costs by a Tribunal Court if the employee takes you to Tribunal for unfair dismissal.

Parents can share Shared Parental Leave providing the correct service has been attained and the correct requests been made.

If you fail to have an auto enrolment pension plan in place for your employees as an employer the Pension Regulator will initially warn you about getting things in order but failing to do anything you can be fined up to £10,000 a day and can face prosecution.